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Velas Vallarta - Press Room

Apr 24

An exclusive Velas Resorts interview: Writer and journalist Sergio Sarmiento speaks about Puerto Vallarta’s relevance as a tourism destination.

Puerto Vallarta (April 19, 2012).- After concluding an intensive agenda covering and moderating sessions held during the 2012  World Economic Forum on Latin America, journalist Sergio Sarmiento agreed to an interview with Velas Resorts. Velas Resorts had the honor of accommodating him during his business visit, and also hosted various grand events during the WEF.
With regards to tourism, Sarmiento, who has been decorated with titles such as Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in France, and named Associate Researcher of the Center for Strategic International Studies in Washington, opined that because Mexico is a country that is preferred by travelers throughout the world, and one that a great number of travelers return to, there are aspects that should be improved; these aspects include image, infrastructure and security. "By infrastructure I refer as well to better highways, better airports, and a greater number of flights. This implies opening more routes so that whomever wants to fly to Mexico can do so, and not have to wait until a Mexican airline is willing to fly to that country", he indicated, highlighting that our country is currently opening routes to Russia, a market that can be greatly expanded in the Riviera Maya for example.  
Addressing the city of Puerto Vallarta's new slogan, "Puerto Vallarta: You live it more than once", Sarmiento commented that not only would he return, but has visited innumerable times, and that it has unique competitive advantages in the region, above all the kindness of its people, its natural beauty, the variety of activities available for enjoying its tranquility or nightlife and quality restaurants. "It is one of my favorite destinations in the country", he stated, and such is his like for the city that he rearranged his schedule to be able to enjoy Puerto Vallarta and Casa Velas, his host hotel.  
About his time at Velas Resorts properties, he indicated that they are of very good quality and have succeeded in positioning themselves due to their excellence and great service, adding that they are the best hotels he has visited: "They exceeded my expectations because I am accustomed to hotels becoming overwhelmed when they are under pressure, as they have been in these last few days due to the economic forum and the meeting of the G20 Ministers. However, the service was always excellent, always first-rate." Upon questioning him about the elements of Casa Velas that he enjoyed most, Sarmiento emphasized the treatment he received from the people, naming them "first-class staff, who go a step further to try to assist", as well as the hotel's tranquility, the fact that it is a boutique hotel, its Spa and exceptional facilities, and the gourmet experience.
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