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Malecon - Puerto Vallarta
07 Jul 2022
Posted by
Sofi Sierra

Malecon, the tourist treasure of Puerto Vallarta

The boardwalk or Malecon of Puerto Vallarta is an emblematic place in the downtown which measures almost two kilometers and it is considered by many to be the heart of this beautiful city.



A walk along the Malecon is unmissable; you will enjoy it whether alone or accompanied. It is a majestic breakwater that enchants all the senses of visitors due to the wide variety of activities it offers.


Stunning views



Impressive landscapes will accompany you throughout your walk; the imposing Pacific Ocean and the freshness of the sea breeze will make you feel calm all the way. With a bit of luck, you will be able to contemplate the local fauna in its natural environment, and regardless of the time, the vibrant colors will always be present in the sky of Puerto Vallarta, leaving tourists and locals charmed with its unbeatable sunsets.


Art & Culture


As the cradle of art in its multiple representations, the Malecón is an open-air gallery that dazzles with emblematic sculptures throughout, but without a doubt, the one that represents the city is "The child on the Seahorse" (El niño en el Caballito de Mar) by Rafael Zamarripa from Guadalajara.



The boy with his gaze towards the horizon represents the hope of the future; the smile in his expression and the arm extended upwards is a characteristic symbol of the people of Vallarta, referring to his friendship and kindness, always offering a warm welcome. The hat on the back embraces and makes the roots of Jalisco proud. Finally, the seahorse alludes to the nature of the destination, but in various cultures, it is a symbol of good fortune, power, strength, and, above all, protection.

Curious fact: There are two versions of this sculpture. The first was inaugurated in 1960 in Las Pilitas, but unfortunately, it was washed out to sea by a storm. In 1976 a larger replica was made, but later the original sculpture was found.



Already immersed in the magical world of sculptures, you will be able to interact with various endearing and surreal pieces, and capture amazing postcards.

Local artists decorate the boardwalk, delight tourists with ephemeral sand structures, and showcase their gifts in various forms of expression such as paintings, crafts, jewelry, impersonations, theatrical performances, and much more.


Photo by zsuriel via Freepik


Continuing with the tour, the Malecón offers you a ceremonial spectacle: Los Voladores de Papantla, who before nightfall will captivate you with the dance "The flight of the dead" which represents the greeting to the father Sun. They also request for the rain to fertilize the soil of the beautiful city.




Photo by Gabriel Bahena via Freepik


The food experience is the favorite of many, so a visit to the Malecon would not be complete without trying the wide variety of dishes.


You will be able to delight your taste buds with the many flavors that the restaurants and street food offer, from Mexican specialties to Italian, French, Oriental, and fusion delicacies.


Photo by user 10837085 via Freepik


You cannot leave without trying the local and typical snacks such as corn, tacos, fresh water, desserts, and even dishes that can exceed sensory expectations with combinations that only the port of Jalisco knows how to create.




Photo by pressfoto via Freepik


Nightlife is synonymous with Puerto Vallarta and redefines it with its peculiar mix of fun, entertainment, and shows. The Malecon will surprise you with its diversity of clubs and bars, music that won't make you stop dancing, light shows, a magnetic atmosphere that guarantees an unforgettable night, and delicious mixology.


Magical endings


The beautiful Malecon of Puerto Vallarta says goodbye to you, making you fall in love again at every step, but before saying goodbye —and to close with a flourish— fireworks light up the night sky.


Book your trip and pack your bags! This emblematic city and its people await you with open arms.


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