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30 Sep 2019
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Velas Vallarta

An Authentic Guide to the Flavors of Puerto Vallarta

Surrounded by the beautiful Bay of Banderas on Mexico's Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta features magnificent beaches, endless outdoor recreation, and a burgeoning gastronomic scene, making it one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Experience the essence of this coastal town by tasting the flavors native to the region, where cultures blend in harmony. From fresh ocean catch to homemade Mexican cuisine, indulge in a culinary adventure while staying at Velas Vallarta. With so many dining options and restaurants to try right withina our ll-inclusive resort, you're guaranteed an authentic dining experience with every bite.
The flavors of Puerto Vallarta combine a mix of land and sea, relying on Mexican tradition that has transformed century-old recipes into modern delights. One local dish to try that best represents PV is Pescado Embarazado, grilled fish marinated in lime over coals and served with Huichol salsa. Another local favorite is Birria, a goat or lamb stew made with savory spices like cumin, oregano, and ginger.
Of course, no trip to Mexico can happen without devouring some freshly-made tamales. Made with white corn dough, tamales are stuffed with green and red tomatoes, meat, and chili pepper. The dough is then wrapped in corn leaves and steamed to perfection.
Don't forget to pair these Mexican favorites with the local spirits that complement each dish. Enjoy the best margaritas made with tequila or mezcal, and try Raicilla, a smoky liquor made from agave.
Whether you crave fresh seafood, prime steak, or a gourmet Mexican buffet, our Puerto Vallarta resort offers a tantalizing dining experience that feeds your senses.
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