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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Resort Spa Treatments

Discover a rejuvenating spa vacation in the tranquil sanctuary of our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico resort spa. Relax and revitalize your body, mind and spirit in harmony with nature and the rhythms of Banderas Bay. Enjoy the soothing and balancing effects of a massage surrounded by the beauty of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Indulge in a rejuvenating facial treatment as you relax in our tropical paradise.
Listen to the sound of the crashing waves with an ocean front massage - the ultimate Puerto Vallarta massage experience. At the Velas Vallarta Spa in Puerto Vallarta, we use therapeutic aromas, oils and protocols so every massage and body treatment is a holistic experience. A massage in Puerto Vallarta will soothe your spirit!

Puerto Vallarta Spa Massage

  • Back Massage 25 Min.

    Soothing massage that utilizes various techniques according to the specific needs of the upper and lower back, neck and shoulders.
  • Aromatherapy Massage 55 Min.

    The aromatherapy massage combines the effects of essential plant oils with a soothing massage to reestablish, relieve and harmonize unbalanced internal forces.
  • Therapeutic Massage 80 Min.

    A combination of Swedish massage, acupressure, reflexology and polarization. These techniques are used to locate and loosen tense muscles.
  • Prenatal Massage 55 Mins.

    Relaxing massage that benefits and helps prepare the body and mind during pregnancy, reduces the discomfort of legs and back, improves blood circulation relaxing the future mom.
  • Candle Massage 60 Mins.

    A warm massage that uses golden drops from a special candle made with lavender butter, tangerine, salt and palm wax. This treatment has deep nourishing and moisturizing properties.
  • Eternal Youth Massage 50 Min.

    Soft and delicate strokes used to improve blood circulation and allow the relaxation of the lymphatic system. This massage helps the body eliminate toxins and uric acid. Especially helpful for people with back and hip discomfort.
  • Reflexology 50 Min.

    Reflexology is based on the principle that both hands and feet have areas or reflex points relating to every organ, gland, and structure of our body. By working on these points, reflexology reduces body tension and provides an internal feeling of wellbeing.
  • Acupressure 80 Min.

    This wonderful physical therapy involves pressing key points on the body to stimulate the body's self-defenses.
  • Lymphatic Drainage 80 Min.

    A light massage that allows for the removal of toxins by draining the lymphatic tissues. Stimulates correct cellular metabolism with the aid of a special anti-cellulite cream and ampoule. The lymphatic system cleans out inorganic toxins, cell waste, water excess and other components.
  • Moonlight Massage 60 Min.

    Share a relaxing massage with your partner in our specially designed cabin. Feel the sensation of well-being and relaxation with a treatment dedicated to balancing the body and mind. This romantic experience takes place under the moonlight and stars.
  • Hydrotherapy Massage 50 Min.

    Uses a hydrotherapy tub and a base of essential oils that stimulate, tone and relax the muscles and nervous system.
  • Marine Bath 50 Min.

    Balances, moisturizes and detoxifies your body in a relaxing bath of marine properties.
  • Milk Bath 50 Min.

    An authentic milk bath that transports you to a world of sensations. Treat your body, mind, and spirit to a classic beauty treatment made into a brand new pleasant Spa experience. With milk proteins and marine collagen that moisturize and nourish the skin.
  • Seaweed Salt Treatment 55 Min.

    This treatment exfoliates the skin using seaweed salt to eliminate dead cells. Moisturizes and improves circulation.
  • Volcanic Mud Wrap 80 Min.

    Body application of volcanic mud, rich in minerals and enzymes that strengthen muscle tone and activate circulation. An excellent anti-inflammatory that helps your body eliminate toxins.
  • Marine Algae Treatment 80 Min.

    A wrap of algae, organic clay and minerals that stimulate organ function. Excellent for prevention and control of cellulite.
  • Sports Massage 55 Min.

    A deep and invigorating massage that stimulates the healing of tired muscles.
  • Hot Stone Massage 90 Min.

    Feel the transforming forces of unique stones that soothe muscles and extract negative energies during this relaxing and energizing massage.
  • Exotic Orient Exfoliation 55 Min.

    An incredible and sophisticated fusion of the finest and most exotic spices. Cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and cardamom, together with rice and sesame oil rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish the skin making it feel silky, and leaving the body totally energized.
  • Chocolate Exfoliation 55 Min.

    Body exfoliation of cocoa extract with triple benefits: hydration, antioxidant and anti-cellulite. Leaves your skin soft and provides a sense of pleasure and wellness.
  • Chocolate Wrap 80 Min.

    Chocolate is an essential source of beauty and wellbeing, used in this soft, warm and pleasant wrap that caresses the skin, awakens the senses and releases tension. Uses authentic anti-cellulite choco-therapy action. 
  • Deluxe Grape Wrap 80 Min.

    Luxurious red grape wrap that restores the skin's youthful appearance.  An innovative therapy based on the grape's antioxidant properties that relieves stress and renews the skin. 

Puerto Vallarta Spa Facials

  • Deep Cleansing Facial 70 Min.

    For all skin types. Deep cleansing, toning and  relaxing massage with facial mask. Results in healthy, beautiful skin.
  • Hydrating Facial 75 Min.

    Combines the benefits of deep cleansing with deep hydration.
  • Rejuvenation Facial 75 Min.

    Smoothes expression lines and tones facial muscles.
  • Excel Therapy Facial 90 Min.

    A powerful mix of cytokines and soy proteins that improve the skin's ability to regenerate and protect itself from the elements. A plastic mask invigorates and smoothes the skin with immediate and visible results.
  • Organic Facial 50 Mins.

    A delicate treatment using white tea cultivated in the highest mountains of China, which provides antioxidant properties to the skin. Active organic agents offer protection against external factors and lengthen the life of the cells as they hydrate, smooth and improve cutaneous oxygen levels.
  • Vitamin C Facial 80 Min.

    This antioxidant - rich treatment among other benefits, regenerates, clarifies, moisturizes, and evens the skin tone. This facial is recommended for all skin types, especially those that are dehydrated from excessive sun exposure.
  • Hidracure 90 Min.

    Protects your skin from dehydration and excessive climates and also strengthens your resistance to premature ageing. The hydro-active formulas help increase, balance and maintain optimal levels of hydration each day. Acts where the dehydration process occurs.
  • Timexpert Rides 110 Min.

    A collagen facial therapy treatment specifically treats wrinkles and expression lines. Has special components to correct, soften and strengthen skin elasticity.
  • Timexpert Lift 110 Min.

    Has special properties of lypo-filling and hydro-filling to reinforce the structure and elasticity of the skin while filling wrinkles and deeply hydrating the skin. Lifts, tones and restores natural contour to the face and neck.
  • Hydrotensor-Hyaluronic Facial 80 Min.

     Small molecules of hyaluronic acid penetrate to the second layer of the skin, bringing elasticity and firmness in addition to diminishing the depth of wrinkles. This treatment's active agents regenerate the corneal layer and prevent dehydration, resulting in hydrated, smooth and terse skin. Recommended for skin that displays signs of aging and has lost elasticity.
Some services are not recommended for people with high blood pressure, pacemakers, or those who are allergic to marine products or clay.
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