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Where:Teatro Vallarta, Uruguay # 184 Col. 5 de Diciembre, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, 48350
The life of Ariel mermaid sixteen year old daughter of nothing more and nothing less than Triton the king of the ocean, Ariel has an extraordinary voice and a restless personality, it does not measure the consequences of what could happen exposing humans . His best friends are so varied, on the one hand is a fish named Flounder extremely nervous and fearful, a crab named Sebastian, who is his guardian for his father's orders and finally a seagull little rope, Scuttle, which is responsible for give an explanation in their own way and way of seeing the life of human strangers, what gets in big trouble later Ariel. The little princess lives in her own world longing for a different life than leading, which leads into the clutches of the Úrsula evil, who proposes to give part of their happiness at great cost, the question is that it is still too young to truly understand all that implies a deal with evil and despite their small friends warn her, she strives to know and love the prince who saved days ago from drowning and even he is delighted with a girl beautiful voice ... and this is where the entanglements between the characters and the adventures and dirty work of the evil witch begin. More details: http://www.teatrovallarta.com/
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